Saturday, August 6, 2011

Major Editing to Kokernot Book and Book Site

Whoopee! As a result of the developmental advice of my editor, Kathy Carter, I have completed a major edit of David Kokernot's biography. By "major," I mean huge sections cut, others added, others relegated to appendices. I turned in the last of those rewrites to Kathy a couple of weeks ago. She has responded with many good suggestions for improvements, but they're not of the "delete this chapter" type. I have edited the book site, which includes chapter summaries, to match the new book structure. Take a look. I'm talking to book designers now and hope to publish in early 2012.

One item I would like to include as an appendix, but do not yet have, is David Kokernot's Reminiscences, published as five letters to the editor of the Gonzales Weekly Inquirer in 1878. Some of these were republished in 1923, but I want the 1878 versions, carefully checked against microfilms of the newspaper, and in MS Word format. If you have such a thing, or know where I can get it, so I don't have to transcribe from the originals, please let me know.